Are you ready to rock out with Cito and the boys?

What's happening at Casalinga this month?

It’s true – now that we’ve celebrated Spring Day, winter is officially over, and we can start looking forward to warmer weather and longer evenings. So it’s the perfect time to try some of the new, seasonal dishes on our summer menu, available in the restaurant from Wednesday to Friday each week.

And if that’s not enough to tempt you to visit Casalinga during September, then how about some of the incredible events we have lined up for you over the next few weeks? Whether you’re a rocker or a runner, a wine-lover or a walker, you’ll find plenty to get your teeth into.

Thanks to the sterling work of a team of volunteers, the Casalinga edition of myrun will be launching on September 9th. Will you find the 5km course easy like Sunday morning?

If pouring with sweat isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d rather be pouring wine or champagne… If so, you’re in luck this month at Casalinga…

Rising Sons

Even rock stars are somebody’s kids, and we reckon that after 22 years, the parents of the rockers who make up Wonderboom must be pretty proud of all that their boys have achieved.

With their critically acclaimed new album, “Rising Sun”, flying off the shelves (or should we say, being downloaded faster than ever), Wonderboom have decided to set the record (and the CD) straight by revealing what happened that night in Bloem… Their Best Side Story Tour is like a backstage pass to every gig they’ve ever done… As the saying goes, nothing’s final until it’s on vinyl, so this is your chance to hear the last word on Wonderboom – from Wonderboom.

Enjoy a live set and some death-defying rock stories when Cito, Martin, Wade and Jonathan play Casalinga Ristorante Italiano on the evening of Saturday, September 15th. We’re talking groupies and recording sessions, and sax, fur rugs and rock and roll. At least, that’s what we think they said!

Quite simply, Wonderboom rock and you won’t want to find yourself in a hard place by failing to get tickets before they rock up. Get your Wonderboom Tickets here.

wonderboom rizing sun

Singles for couples

Even if you don’t own a leather jacket, you’ll wish you did after an evening spent in the company of Wonderboom. Their stories will keep you on the edge of your seat, while their tunes will get you on your feet. The beat goes on, and the stories get better as the evening continues…

man running on road

Timed to Perfection

If the thought of the treadmill fills you with dread, but you’re feeling the need for speed, then myrun is the answer.

Instead of running on the spot, you could be enjoying the fresh air and Sunday morning sunshine at our Rocky Ridge Farm. We’re excited to announce that the first Casalinga myrun will take place on Sunday, September 9th – we’ll race you there!

We’d like to thank the volunteers and race directors who have given up their time to help make the Casalinga myrun a reality – we know that they’ve been running around so that you can do the same. If you’d also like to volunteer, please email katherine@myfitness.org.za If you’re already a parkrunner, and you can’t face the thought of a whole week until your next 5km run, jog, or walk, then you need to sign up to myrun. This all-new event will transform your Sundays into run days, as well as helping you top up your Discovery Vitality points. Just imagine, before breakfast or church, you could have another 300 points in the bank. For country air, camaraderie, and a few burned-off calories, you know where to come.

You can sign up for myrun and purchase your Timing Band here.

Wine Not?

South Africa produces some of the world’s best wines, and this month you won’t even have to travel to the Western Cape to enjoy them – we’ll bring them to you. Or at least, our friends will!

We have not just one, but two wonderful wine evenings taking place at Casalinga this September. Any list of South Africa’s finest wineries is bound to include both Rickety Bridge and Diemersfontein, and we’ll be welcoming both to Muldersdrift over the next few weeks.

Hot on the heels of last month’s successful (and thirst-quenching) Pinotage on Tap event, the Diemersfontein Cork Club will be removing the foil from a wonderful evening of fine food and equally fine wines. On September 29th, third-generation owner David Sonnenberg will be illustrating the fine art of combining Casalinga dishes with wines that complement them perfectly.

Just two days earlier, you can sample the best of Franschhoek – the bridge may be rickety, but there’s certainly nothing shaky about the wines. Whichever evening you choose (and no-one says you can’t come to both!), you’ll be guaranteed not just great wines, but a delicious Casalinga meal, too.

After all, if there’s one thing that Italians instinctively understand, it’s that wine and food may be wonderful alone, but together they are just divine.

wine cellar

Bubbles at the Double

Nothing goes better with the cool, mellow notes of jazz than the crisp taste of champagne – and there’s no finer champagne than Veuve Clicquot. Our end-of-the-month Veuve Clicquot Jazz Luncheon combines two of our favourite things – so let life surprise you!

On Sunday September 30th, we’ll be capping a wonderful week of wine (scroll up for more grape events) with the Veuve Clicquot Jazz Luncheon. As they say, sax is even better in the sunshine, so join us for a mellow afternoon of cool notes and chilled bubbles – perfection, in other words.

There are two ways of achieving greatness – centuries of practice, and creative improvisation. Veuve Clicquot is the perfect example of the first approach, while SA’s new generation of jazz musicians excel at the latter.

And when the two come together, they make music that’s worth feeling – on your tongue and in your ears. To complete the occasion, the Casalinga chefs have created a very special luncheon menu of Italian-inspired dishes that work perfectly with the dry freshness of fine champagne for unforgettable taste sensations.

Join us to linger over luncheon, as chilled champagne flows and chilled notes hang in the country air.

Loving our neighbours

They say that you can’t choose your family or your neighbours – in our case, we wouldn’t change either (and yes, some people are both!). We share our address with three of our favourite food and drink destinations, and that’s why there are no fences between us (or secrets, for that matter)!

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens Cafe is the place to go for plant-based, organic cuisine that’s light on the Earth yet filled with nutrients and goodness. Try the wonderful vegan and vegetarian dishes on their famous breakfast and lunch buffets and you’ll leave with a spring in your step, and increased energy for the rest of your day. Learn more here.

The Chocolate Tier

Every occasion becomes special when you add chocolate. If you can resist anything but temptation, then approach The Chocolate Tier - the home of the chocolate fountain - with caution. Appreciate chocolate in all its forms, from delectable slabs to irresistible chocolate-dipped cherries, truffles and hot chocolate. Perfect for telling someone you love them – especially if that someone is you! See More.

The Green Bean Roastery

For honestly good coffee, look no further than The Green Bean Roastery and breathe in the delicious aroma of freshly-ground 100% Arabica beans as they create our Casalinga house blend. The Roastery specialises in African coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda, among others, so you can tour the continent whilst relaxing in a beautiful garden.Learn More