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What's happening at Casalinga this month?

We’re having lots of fun in the sun at Casalinga, and there’s plenty more to look forward to as October and summer both get up to full speed. Speaking of speed, our weekly time fitness event, myrun, is your chance to make your Sunday mornings pass by in a blur of motion, or simply take a 5km or 2.5km stroll around the gardens.

Summer always makes us feel fit and healthy, but it also reminds us that good health is a gift which we’re fortunate to enjoy. Which is why we’re getting behind the Breast Health Foundation and Air Angels Ambulance Service initiative to launch Pink Angels flying ambulances during October – as you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Last but not least, we’re already starting to get excited about the inaugural Prime Fest, which will be taking place at Casalinga in November. It’s the music and lifestyle festival the world has been waiting for, as it’s managed by none other than veteran SA rockers Prime Circle.

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* You can sign up for myrun and purchase your Timing Band here.

A bit of fresh air...

Could do you the world of good, especially if you breathe it in while running or walking around Casalinga during our new, weekly social exercise event, myrun. We bring you a nice alternative on a Sunday morning, so come and join us!

myrun offers a 2.5km or 5km route around an open area – in this case, the Casalinga Farm - that takes place at the same time every week. Upon registering, you will get your own profile and your results will appear on your profile upon finishing the event. You can register your children too! You will get 300 Discovery Vitlaity points for the 5km route and 100 points for the 2.5km route. Not to mention the satisfaction of gradually improving your fitness, and the pleasure or meeting fellow runners, joggers and walkers.

Now that we have a full team of volunteers and race directors (although we always have room for more!), the Casalinga myrun will be taking place every Sunday at 8am. Timing band collection starts at 7.30am. Becoming a volunteer (which is perhaps the best way to experience myrun, and make friends) is as simple as sending an email to Before your first Casalinga myrun, you’ll need to visit the myrun website to regsiter and purchase your once off myrun timing band (which you can then collect before the event).With Discovery Vitality points on offer for each completed myrun event, this could become a very beneficial way to spend your Sunday mornings – not to mention all that fresh air you’ll be getting!

Choose rotors over blades

Every year, hundreds of South African women have to confront the reality of breast cancer. By raising awareness, the Breast Health Foundation tries to ensure more early diagnoses, which can lead to less need for drastic interventions, and a higher survival rate.

In the case of suspected breast cancer, acting quickly can literally be a lifesaver. The same is true when it comes to ambulances: if the worst should happen to one of your loved ones, every second counts.

Which is why we’re right behind this wonderful initiative from Air Angels Ambulance Services: the Pink Air Angels emergency helicopters. Supported by Novartis and the Breast Health Foundation, these fully equipped helicopters will be launching for the first time this October.

To celebrate their first flight – and to mark the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – we’ll be staging a very special fundraising luncheon at Casalinga on Friday, October 5th. Meet courageous cancer survivors and some of the doctors and celebrities who are leading the fight against breast cancer here in South Africa.

By booking a table, you’ll be contributing to helping more women get the help they need, and also to improving our local air ambulance service. If you’re too busy to attend, just think that one day that helicopter could be flying to save you, or your mom or sister or daughter.

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It's Prime Time

Legendary South African band Prime Circle are no strangers to the local and international festival scenes, but have you ever wondered how an awesome a festival would be if they were in charge? Well, next month you can find out, when Prime Fest comes to Casalinga.

On Saturday November 10th, Prime Circle will be hosting their own music and lifestyle festival at Casalinga Ristorante Italiano called – and how perfect is this? – Prime Fest.

A Jacaranda FM Music Experience, Prime Fest will feature an incredible line-up of local musical talent, including Riky Rick, Goodluck, Jo Black, Mafikizolo, Fokofpolisiekar, Martin Bester and Band, Timo ODV and Majozi.

But that’s just the start of it. Festival-goers and Prime Circle fans can also enjoy many different food stalls and a children’s play area, as well as the awesome AMG Driving Academy Extreme 4x4 Experience presented by Mercedes-Benz (the festival’s sponsor).

Despite the name, the band explain that this not a festival that’s just about them, but rather it’s their opportunity to bring together all the musicians they’ve ever wanted to play with – on one stage.

As well as being the inaugural Prime Fest, this November Saturday at Casalinga will see another noticeable first, with the launch of the band’s very own beer, Prime Lager (through Nobleman Breweries). Cheers!

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Loving our neighbours

They say that you can’t choose your family or your neighbours – in our case, we wouldn’t change either (and yes, some people are both!). We share our address with three of our favourite food and drink destinations, and that’s why there are no fences between us (or secrets, for that matter)!

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens Cafe is the place to go for plant-based, organic cuisine that’s light on the Earth yet filled with nutrients and goodness. Try the wonderful vegan and vegetarian dishes on their famous breakfast and lunch buffets and you’ll leave with a spring in your step, and increased energy for the rest of your day. Learn more here.

The Chocolate Tier

Every occasion becomes special when you add chocolate. If you can resist anything but temptation, then approach The Chocolate Tier - the home of the chocolate fountain - with caution. Appreciate chocolate in all its forms, from delectable slabs to irresistible chocolate-dipped cherries, truffles and hot chocolate. Perfect for telling someone you love them – especially if that someone is you! See More.

The Green Bean Roastery

For honestly good coffee, look no further than The Green Bean Roastery and breathe in the delicious aroma of freshly-ground 100% Arabica beans as they create our Casalinga house blend. The Roastery specialises in African coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda, among others, so you can tour the continent whilst relaxing in a beautiful garden.Learn More