Come and have fun in the sun at Groves & Vineyards.

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9 - 10 SEPTEMBER 2017
Rocky Ridge Road, Muldersdrift
10 200 Tickets

Groves & Vineyards Summer Festival

This year saw the 9th edition of the ever-popular Groves & Vineyards Festival, an extravaganza of Mediterranean flavours blended with the best of South African sounds. Now if that isn’t a recipe for success, we don’t know what is. The last drop has been drained, and the last note has faded – but Groves & Vineyards will be back before you know it!
Italians do summer better than anyone else. Whether you’re talking dazzling sunshine, bountiful harvests, or the happy laughter of children playing in olive groves – we practically invented the season.

Which means that the Groves & Vineyards Summer Festival at Casalinga on the weekend of September 9th and 10th – should be an unmissable date in your summer diary.

Tickets – including exclusive VIP packages are already on sale here. It might be cold outside right now, but we’re looking forward to a warmer, sunnier future. A future that will feature a bonus edition of our favourite foodie and music Festival.

Can you picture yourself strolling through dappled orchard sunlight, or relaxing on a blanket in the sunshine, a glass in one hand and a delicious hand-crafted morsel in the other? Or dancing to the latest beats from SA’s top live music acts. Or picking a thoughtful gift for someone who means as much to you as summer itself? Then you’ve just imagined being at the Groves & Vineyards Summer Festival.

Make the daydream a reality today by booking your ticket, and then come and while away some lazy summer hours surrounded by over 80 exhibitors from top wine producers, artisanal food stalls and pop-up craft beer stands and boutiques.

The Summer Edition of Groves & Vineyards will have everything you know and love from our Festival earlier this year – plus the chance to work on your tan a little. If you missed our first Festival of 2017, then don’t repeat the mistake – make sure you act now and get your ticket.

Bring your kids along, too – there’ll be plenty of entertainment and delicious goodness for them to enjoy, making this a wonderful day out for all the family.

The gardens of Casalinga will once again be the setting for this Festival which brings the best of rural living to the very fringes of the city. Non-stop live musical entertainment will keep your toes tapping, and your taste-buds will love you for giving them the day out.

Summer has always been our favourite season – and now there’s one more reason to be a summer lover. We’d love to see you there – please don’t disappoint us. After all, we’ll only have wine to console ourselves with…

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Enjoy a Groves & Vineyards VIP (Very Imbibable Prosecco) Experience!

There’s only one thing better than attending the Groves & Vineyards Summer Festival, and that’s enjoying an enhanced experience as a VIP. Think of it as Groves & Vineyards Plus, and what a lot of pluses there are. For your convenience, VIP parking and VIP conveniences.

Thanks to our sponsor, Valdo Prosecco, the world’s best-selling Prosecco will be available on tap all day – so your sparkle will last and last, and your bubbly personality will be at its very best. The VIP marquee – close to the stage so you get the best possible acoustics when SA’s best bands begin their live sets – will also feature ample seating, free still and sparkling water to keep you hydrated, and a full bar for purchase. Lounge around in the shade and enjoy a full waitron and hostess service, and best of all, a delicious antipasti buffet from Casalinga. A VIP ticket really is the way to experience the Groves & Vineyards Festival in the best possible taste.

Book yours today for just R650 and enjoy the very best flavours, and then sit back, relax, and savour looking forward to the Groves and Vineyards Summer Festival.





A good reason not to stall

Put your foot down and make sure you get here on time. Jo’burg’s foodies have excellent taste and a nose for anything new, and they’ll be keen to snaffle up all the delicious treats on offer. You won’t be able to beat them, so join them and join in the fun and the flavours!
Beverage Exhibitors

Whether your chosen tipple is a crafty gin or a crisp white, beer on tap or a full-bodied red, thirst will not be an issue at the Groves and Vineyards Festival. For now, we’ve bottled up the news of which estates and craft brewers and distillers will be in attendance, but we can’t keep the cork in forever…

Olive Product Exhibitors

However pressed for time you may be, you’ll definitely want to squeeze in a visit to each of our olive growers and exhibitors to sample Mediterranean-style treats from the tree of life! Be sure not to leave without a bottle or two of this golden nectar.

Sweet Exhibitors

Get your just desserts and satisfy those sweet tooth cravings at our dedicated cake, sweet, chocolate and patisserie stalls. If your New Year’s Resolution has lasted this long, you deserve to take a break from it for the day. And believe us, you’ll be tempted to!

Organic Exhibitors

Set aside the pesticides and put the bug spray away, it’s time to reconnect with the soil and enjoy some organic treats. Who cares about spots on your apples, when they’re this sweet and crunchy? And that’s just the start of this amazing harvest…

Artizan Food Exhibitors

We live in a mass-produced world which – let’s face it – is a tragedy when it comes to food and drink. So, strike a blow for the individual, for small batches and hand-crafting, and visit our artisanal food stalls. Remember when food tasted this good? It still can…

Other Exhibitors

Is there more to life than grapes and olives? Well, yes, there is! Be sure to check out some of our other exhibitors, too – we’ve invited along a few friends to share in the Festival fun. Like all the best ingredients, they’ll blend in perfectly, and add to the overall flavour. Enjoy!

Get a refill – of the best SA music!

Why should your taste buds have all the fun? Make sure your ears get in on the act, too, by tuning into live sets from some of SA’s hottest new musicians – and some established talents, too. Whichever vintage you prefer, we’ll be uncorking something to make it impossible for you to stay seated.

We’re still busy confirming the exact line-up for the Summer Edition, but let’s just say that it will include acts you’ve heard of – and others that you’ll be excited to discover. Whether you want to rock out or slow dance at sunset, we’ll have music at the speed you need.

Feel alive as our stellar acts perform live!

Gone but not forgotten

Brilliant moments we shared at the most recent Groves & Vineyards Festival – and there’s plenty more where that came from!

Be bowled over by an array of flavours!

Sumptuous tastes that won’t jar on your palate…

It’s hard to show just how much there was to enjoy at the festival.

Coming to Groves & Vineyards will give you a boost!

It won’t be a testing time for your ears.

All the world's a stage

I’ve only had this much…

Don’t count on there being any leftovers!

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