A month of Magic

We're pulling a rabbit out of a hat this month by giving back, paying it forward and celebrating Easter.


For the first time ever, we’re inviting you to play ‘chef’ at Casalinga! We’re running a competition for the best Italian recipe you can create, for one new dish to go onto our menu over Easter.

If you’re not the “Invention Test” type, send us your favourite Italian dish. We will try out all the recipes posted with the best one ending up on our menu!

And that’s not all, as they say in the classics: We’ll be featuring the winner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @casalinga_sa. Talk about bragging rights around the water cooler!

Here’s what to do: Tag your recipe #BestRecipe and post it on our Facebook page. Post as many pictures as you like of your ‘Fantastico’ dish on our Twitter and Instagram feeds, so we can all drool over them together.

Competition closes 26th March, so get cooking good looking!

kid holding fresh carrot

Growing Healthy Minds & Bodies

For us March and Easter is all about kindness and caring for each other, doing good in a sometimes bleak world. March 21st is Human Rights Day in South Africa and we’re getting involved the best way we know how, through food! We’re so grateful for our beautiful and abundant kitchen garden, it’s time to share the love.

We’ll be going to a great charity (we’ll tell you more once we’ve confirmed all the details) to basically teach kids how to plant and grow food. It’s all about healthy minds and bodies and empowering the youngsters to take charge of their health.

Here’s what you can do: We’ll be posting regular updates on this visit in our social media, right up to and on the day. For every ‘love’ or ‘like’ you give, we will donate R10 to this charity. Without doing much at all, you can help to #Payitforward! Keep checking our social media for details. “There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward-Khalil Gibran”

Easter Egg Hunt

Remember the excitement of waking up on Easter Sunday, running out into the garden and digging under bushes and shrubs for Easter eggs?

Not to forget the competitive streak it brings out in siblings! This Easter Sunday we’ll be doing a couple of Easter Egg hunts at Casalinga, just for the kiddies! In keeping with our loving, caring March line-up, we want to share our Easter with your family too.

Join us for lunch on Easter Sunday and let the kids get involved in gathering up as many chocolate eggs as their little hands can grab hold of. We’ll share details of times with you closer to Easter.

Here’s what to do: Book your table to guarantee your kids’ places in our wonderful gardens on Easter Sunday. Call us, email us or book your table (below),now.

easter egg hunt in forest

We do egg-ceptional...

Casalinga’s kitchen is where classic meets contemporary, and then we add a dash of our special magic.

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Giving back to our loyal suppliers

Our first ever Groves & Vineyards Festival took place all the way back in 2008, a whole decade ago! Staying true to our March theme of ‘Giving Back’, we want to hero the suppliers who’ve been with us since the very first Groves event and are still with us this year. Che grande!

Oil and Vinegar

Oil & Vinegar is about enjoying life, sharing good, simple, handmade food with friends and family, just like Casalinga! Their olive oils are the perfect time-trusted antidote to today’s rushed, stressed lifestyles. They also supply vinegars (of course) and other wonderful goodies. Visit them on https://www.oilandvinegar.co.za.


Who doesn’t know about Fairview’s beautiful, delectable cheeses? All the way from the fairest Cape, they’ve come up to Gauteng each year to be at Groves. Did you know they’ve been custodians of their land since 1693? Amazing! And of course “at Fairview, they do things differently”

Ngwenya Art & Crafts

Nestled in the Muldersdrift area, they host the Ngwenya Art & Crafts Gallerywhich supports local artists. All stock is hand-made. A great place to shop for unusual, unique gifts.


Romano’s is a good old friend of ours. They produce the most deliciously flavoured olives, tapenades, pesto’s, sauces and olive oil. You’ll struggle to find the variety they create anywhere else. Contact Clive on 076 683 3752 or romanofoods1@gmail.com.

Titus has never let anyone down…

But now his hips are letting him down. Titus has been a loyal member of the Casalinga team for almost thirty years, and we think of him as family. He’s been with us since the very early days, and his constant presence has helped Casalinga become what it is today. Over the last few months, we’ve noticed that Titus has been slowing down a little. His smile and enthusiasm are still as bright as ever, but it’s clear that he is in pain. It turns out that the answer is a hip replacement, and the doctors have told him that this has to happen soon.

Titus has touched the lives of many thousands of Casalinga guests over the years, and now we’re asking you to make a difference to his life. We’re trying to raise enough money to pay for the hip operation he desperately needs. To make donations even easier, we’ve set up a PayFast account where you can contribute to helping Titus. In recognition of all his years of service, Casalinga will pay the balance of the bill to ensure that Titus is soon back on his feet. Please donate to the below bank account and give what you can. It would mean the world to Titus. Thank you.

Mercantile Bank, Branch code: 450141 / Horizon, Account Number: 4800011493, Type of account:Money market, Reference: Titus

easter egg hunt in forest