Please note that this is an indication only as our desserts are freshly prepared daily and subject to availability.
Pavlova An exotic combination of baked meringue, fresh fruit and whipped cream. Served with a granadilla pulp.
Crème Brûleè Creamy baked custard nestled under a layer of caramelized sugar.
Chocolate Mousse Decadently rich swirls of milk and dark chocolate mousse.
Cheese Cake A creamy baked cheesecake with a crunchy crust.
Tiramisu Traditional rich Italian cake with boudoir biscuits soaked in liqueur and coffee.Layered with Mascarpone cheese and white or dark chocolate.
Lemon Meringue Pie Rich baked lemon tart topped with swirls of golden brown meringue.
Floating Islands Poached meringue on a bed of Crème Anglaise
Fresh Fruit Platter A selection of fresh fruit and berries in season.
Home Made Ice Cream Delicious homemade vanilla ice cream served with malted hot chocolate sauce.
Sorbet Homemade fruit sorbet
Coffee & Tea Filter coffee and Tea