Casalinga: a holiday in Italy
without leaving Gauteng.


Peter and Jenny De Luca infused Casalinga with magic and love as they worked together to design and build their beautiful rustic restaurant. While the menu is deeply rooted in the Italian countryside, Casalinga contains many references to more local history, with its hardwood beams and stained-glass windows reclaimed from demolished houses on the Randfontein Mining Estate. In keeping with the narrative of the area, they struck a rich seam themselves, unearthing a desire on the part of Jo’burg residents to come together and celebrate life, love and linguini.

The elegant yet relaxed ambience of Casalinga is reflected in the rich, eclectic furnishings which – just like the menus – reflect the personal tastes of the owners, and their passion for food and family time. Two very Italian priorities in life, perfectly fused at Casalinga. Grace and style make for a place where people can unwind, be themselves, and enjoy a wonderful meal in the very best company.

Just off Beyers Naudé Drive in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg, Casalinga allows city dwellers to easily escape from the malls and traffic jams and take sanctuary in the countryside, whether for an intimate dinner for two or a business lunch, a family birthday or a product launch.



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You’ll hear a lot of tweeting when you visit Casalinga – our beautiful gardens are full of birds. We’d just figured out how to describe each dish in 140 characters when we discovered that now we have 280. That’s great news for us – you know how Italians love to talk!



Even on our busiest days, we make time for a real Italian espresso and catching up on the day’s news. We also like to share our own news, and so from time to time we’ll put finger to keyboard and tap out another one of our blogs…

This is how we do it

Three fun-filled decades of flavour, family, and fettuccine!

Fabulous Food

Casalinga’s menus change with the shifting seasons and the availability of fresh produce, so you can enjoy delicious meals – and the authentic tastes of Italy – all year long.

Tranquil Setting

Enjoy a stroll around the Casalinga farm before or after your meal, and feel the connection we have for the earth and the ingredients it gives us – and the views over Gauteng.

Great Atmosphere

We believe that some things should be done slowly – like enjoying a meal with friends or family. Enjoy the easy-going atmosphere, and take time to savour each course and conversation.


At Casalinga, our mission is to create authentic, contemporary Italian cuisine in a rustic rural setting, and to bring people together to celebrate family, friendship and flavourful food.


A world in which we all slow down a little and take the time to reconnect with the people who mean the most to us. Preferably around the table while enjoying good food and a glass of wine, while creating lifelong memories of special occasions.

Noi non potemo avere perfetta vita senza amici. / We cannot have a perfect life without friends.
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