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Tantalize your taste buds

Swap blue sky thinking
for eating and drinking.

It’s time to escape the office!

Which would you rather be looking at – another sales chart, or Casalinga’s delicious menu ? Now that our restaurant has been decorated for Christmas, come and enjoy a different kind of presentation…

You’ve sat round countless tables with the same people all year. You’ve doodled, played with paperclips and tried to suppress yawns. More than anything else, you’ve probably thought about what you’re going to have for lunch or dinner… Wouldn’t you rather be anticipating a meal at Casalinga than digesting last month’s sales figures? Book your year-end team event at Casalinga and you’ll get everyone’s attention – the combination of mouthwatering dishes and tasteful Christmas décor will soon have you in a celebratory mood.

If your business has had a great year, you deserve a Casalinga event. If it was a tough twelve months, you need one. We’re taking bookings now for year-end functions, and we’re delighted to see how quickly the restaurant is filling up. Don’t delay, make your reservation today and ensure your team ends 2017 on a high note.

Note: Fill in your details to unlock and download our delicious set-price menus, complete event options info and booking form. Or click here for our Events & Celebrations page.

Let's Make it happen

One “meeting” no-one will be late for.

Parental Guidance not required

You don’t need Mom or Dad to tell you what to order, but you might want to invite them along.

Maybe your family all still live in the same town, or perhaps they’re further afield. No matter – a family event at Casalinga is worth the journey! Don’t let your parents or siblings become nothing more than Facebook friends – arrange a lunch or dinner at Casalinga and insist that everyone turns up.

Italians do lots of things well. Fashion. Sports cars. Football. But what we really excel at, is cooking and sharing great food as a family. Big farmhouse tables laden with fresh Mediterranean produce are part of our collective heritage, and we’d love to share some of that with you and your family.

You’ve spent all year rushing around, trying to gather your thoughts. Now it’s time to gather your tribe together – even if you’re not exactly on speaking terms. Forget the family feud and enjoy some family food instead. You all share the same looks – so why not come and share a meal together?

Contact us today to book your family year-end event at Casalinga and enjoy our excellent value set-price menus and the genuine family atmosphere in our restaurant. You’re guaranteed a family occasion in the best possible taste!

Can your mama cook like this?

Everything but the kitchen sink…

We’re not just wizards at whipping up meals.

Casalinga has been the setting for some wonderful events down the years, and some of them have entered local legend. Whether you’re planning something romantic or epic, quiet or joyous, we can make it happen for you. Just ask.

Birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs – whatever milestone in life you’ve reached, reach out to us to help you mark it in style. Events that only happen once call for once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, destined to be remembered forever. And that’s where we come in.

Your first stop should be our Events & Celebrations page - it’s bound to inspire you. You can download our latest menus to whet your appetite, and find out more about the different dining venues at Casalinga. Each has its own character, but all are equally wonderful.

We never stop thinking of new ways to make events at Casalinga even more special – let’s start a conversation and see how we can bring your special occasion to life.

We’ll help make your date night a great night.

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