Pinotage on tap

Let the good times flow…

Enjoy free-flowing pinotage, a welcome snack pack and live tunes from Freshlyground and Jesse Clegg at this year’s Pinotage on Tap festival on August 18th. Casalinga will be hosting the Jo’burg edition of this awesome wine and music festival, and you’d have to have a corkscrew loose to miss it.

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Welcome to Casalinga

Home-cooked food worth leaving home for!

We know the feeling: it’s been a long day, you’re tired, and it’s cold outside. So, it’s easy to give in to the temptation of eating in front of the TV again – probably the same thing you had for dinner this time last week, and the week before that. But do you really want to be faced with the washing up tomorrow morning, plus going to the shops just to do it all over again?

Instead, why not defy winter, tear up the script and go out for dinner? Who cares if it isn’t the weekend – you only live once, and you only get three meals a day. Why shop, cook and wash up when someone else can do it for you? Book a table at Casalinga – we’re closer than you think – and enjoy a delicious home-cooked dinner at our home. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

"Chi si volta, e chi si gira, sempre a casa va finire / No matter where you go or which way you turn, you’ll always end up a home"

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Who would you rather have dinner with – the cast of Game of Thrones or the love of your life?

It’s time to get off the couch and take that someone special out for dinner. Your favourite shows are all on catch up, so why not spend the evening staring into someone’s eyes rather than staring at the screen? The World Cup is over (even if we’re not over Italy not even being there) so trade in the soccer balls for meat balls and Russia (or him) out for dinner.

It’s time to drag yourself away from the dragons, and be a TV Survivor – come and feast your eyes on our menu instead. Press pause on your programme, show up to our restaurant and truly feel every moment – only at Casalinga Ristorante Italiano.

Turn off the TV and go out and eat something more interesting instead!

Enjoy the little things in life – one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things!

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