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When you come to Casalinga for your Christmas Lunch or Dinner

Be Present

Friday afternoon drinks in the accounts department?

You can do better than that!

After a long year, lots of meetings and too many presentations, you and your team have met all your targets and now it’s time to let your hair down a little.

Now that the hard work has been done, why not treat everyone to something rather more delicious than a paper plate of salt and vinegar chips? Show your team how much you appreciate everything they’ve done by booking your year-end function at Casalinga Ristorante Italiano. Whatever the date, there’s always a celebratory atmosphere here because we love what we do, and we love to share the happiness. And in our experience, there’s no better way to make people happy, than to serve them great food.

We’re taking booking now for year-end functions. It may only seem like five minutes since you were saying farewell to 2016, but you know how time flies. Invite your team to a meal they’ll never forget - contact us today. You’re always on time for meetings, so don’t be late in securing the date!

Note: Fill in your details to unlock and download our delicious set-price menus, complete event options info and booking form. Or click here for our Events & Celebrations page.


You’ll want your whole team to be present.

Get your siblings supping together

When it comes to Christmas, it’s all relative.

You know it’s been a busy year when you’ve not seen the people closest to you for a long time. Don’t let it get to next year – call up your brother, sister, parents or cousins and invite them to a family feast at a restaurant where family comes first.

The Italian definition of happiness pretty much comes down to food and family. So, we know how important it is to bring all your relatives together (and let any that are overseas know what they’re missing) to catch up. Especially around the table.

A quick scroll through Facebook should be enough to remind you of everything that’s happened in your family this year: the births, first days at school, sports teams, engagements and weddings. Maybe one of your relatives passed away this year? In which case, celebrate their memory – you know they’d like that.

Contact us today to book your family year-end event at Casalinga and take advantage of our irresistible set-price menus and all the little extras we can make happen. You’re guaranteed great flavours, and family reunion moments to savour.

Fix your family feast

We don't just cover tables.

Whatever you need, we’ll do it at speed.

We’ve been lucky to host plenty of fun occasions down the year, which means that we know just what it takes to create a special ambience. And although the Christmas season inevitably comes to an end, that’s the kind of thing we don’t forget.

Whether you’re celebrating a particular event, or just loving life, we can help you and the people who matter to you do it in style. After all, what is life for, if not to enjoy great food with the people we love?

Check out our Events & Celebrations page - it’s full of useful information. Download our latest menus but be warned, looking through them may bring on an urgent need to eat a wonderful meal in a beautiful setting. You’ll also find out about all the extra services we offer, and you can start daydreaming about your Casalinga moments.

We’re always looking for new ways to add magic to people’s lives, so chat to us about how we can lift your next event to the next level.

Don’t run out of days for a great night out.

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